Vodacom/MTN/CellC/Virgin Mobile GPRS settings + bluetooth for windows and linux.

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Update: A lot of people are asking me to send the GPRS settings to their phone so they can use it to browse. If you are with Vodacom, just dial *111# , select “Device Setup” and follow the instructions. Easy. MTN Users dial 082 173 for GPRS settings and Cell-C users dial 084 140 to speak to an operator to set up their GPRS. Virgin Mobile sims are preloaded with their GPRS settings.

List of network GPRS details:

Name APN Username Password Primary DNS Seconday DNS
Cell C internet None None
MTN internet None None
Vodacom internet None None
Virgin Mobile vdata None None

1. Try leaving out DNS addresses first. DNS servers are usually assigned automatically to your device on connect.
2. If you are using Vodacom and GPRS does not want to work, first call customer support and make sure your sim is activated for the “internet” APN.

For windows:
1. Go to Control Panel->Phone and Modem options->Modems tab->Select the correct bluetooth modem->click properties->Select advanced Tab. In the field “Extra Initialization Commands”, enter: AT+cgdcont=1,”IP”,”internet” . Replace “internet” with the correct APN name from the table above.
2. Create a new dialup connection. Dialup number is *99# , and leave username and password fields blank.

For Linux:
You can follow my guide below, but first take a look at GPRS Easy Connect: http://easyconnect.linuxuser.hu/modules/index/
If you can’t get that to work for you, try following this guide:

I had to make some minor changes:
1. Select bluetooth(/dev/rfcomm0) instead of usb connection to phone
2. Select gprs-connect-chat script instead of wvdial.conf (connect /etc/ppp/peers/gprs-connect-chat)
3. Increased a timeout in gprs-connect-chat since vodacom takes a bit longer to connect.

Make sure to edit the following line correctly according to the table above, replacing “internet” with the correct APN name for your network:

Here is my config files from /etc/ppp/peers, tested and working with Vodacom&MTN and a Nokia 6600 via bluetooth:

Now get your phone’s HW address: hcitool scan.
Bind your phone’s HW address: sudo rfcomm bind 0 (phone 's HW address)
Dial up: sudo pppd call gprs



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  1. Other words: Vodacom MTN CellC Virgin Mobile GPRS setup guide instructions settings help windows linux bluetooth *99# GPRS username password dialup number
  2. Hi there, Thanks for all of this information, which I was told by MTN was not necessary - I did not manage to get my new phone to work at all... Internet nor MMS... What am I doing wrong? I have 2 connections listed in my phone. I don't know why they don't work, but here they are: Name: MTN SA MMS - I use this setting for my MMS, even though it does not work. Access Point: myMTN Username: mtnmms Password: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP Address: (From MTN - should be Name: MTN SA WAP - I use this setting for Internet Explorer Mobile, even though it does not work. Access Point: myMTN Username: (If I put a username in, it prompts me for a password and domain) Password: Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: IP Address: (From MTN - should be Now I am not too sure what to try next, as some of these settings were already loaded on my phone, or were sent to my phone from the MTN website (I am not too sure which). Apparently MTN does NOT need to activate anything on my account for this to work? I am on a MyChoice 150. (Recent Number Portability) Any ideas ??? Any help ??? Thanks ~A
  3. Also tried these ... Since I have a HTC MTeor http://www.leaf.co.za/images/support/MMS%20Connection_5.jpg http://www.leaf.co.za/images/support/MMSC%20Settings_5.jpg http://www.leaf.co.za/images/support/internet_5.jpg Hope that these help???
  4. if possible can you please get the DNS settings for vodacom as i need it to properly connect my ps3 to the internet as i'm using my phone as a modem and im using a vodacom sim card.
  5. This site help me a lot. Thanks!!!!
  6. thanks, dudes. I've been struggling with this for quite some time now. this site was very helpfull.
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  8. i just bougth a cell phone made in china (Southern Technology V68) i cant get the GPRS to work i used the seting you gave but the problem is after inputting the APN there is no DNS. On the GSM data is where I find the DNS and the numbers there cant be edited. If I go to homepage it says invalid IP. I have done this over and over on both Cell C & Vodacom. Just don’t know what next
  9. Thanks a lot. Now my phone is working like a bomb. Keep up the good work.
  10. hey for maost of the south africans out there... please help me... if u knw how to solve my problem then email me at pinni_cool@hotmail.com ... i have a mottorola v360 and i hav aittime but when i type in the mxit webstile in my URL it just says connecting the whole time... i tried that *123# thing but it does nothing im not sure what my problem is so if u can please help me thankz.... pinni_cool@hotmail.com.. my name is YEMEEN!
  11. Im strugeling with cellc gprs and mms settings for a htc 710 phone. If someone can help me please? I contact cellc but no responce. Send settings to my mail please thanx.